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 Borger, a formidable vocalist, whose work anchors this show and whose performance of

"You Don't Know This Man", the best musical number in the show, is worth your journey to Glencoe.

- Chicago Tribune

Without a doubt, Borger's performance

as Lucille is one of the most compelling

reasons to see this production. She is

a powerful actress, yes, but also a

stunning vocalist. Borger's voice

seems to soar across the

stage, and while her

performance is

undoubtedly effortful,

she makes it look easy.

- BroadwayWorld


Borger's nuanced, powerful performance is the driving force behind this production. 

- PerformInk 

Chicago Tribune

Top Ten


of 2017

Brianna Borger,

Lucille Frank in Parade



Porchlight Music Theatre


Broadway Asia & Porchlight Music Theatre

Brianna Borger comes within an inch or two of stealing the show with “The Miller’s Son”... Buxom and saucy, Ms. Borger leaves you in no doubt of her determination to get whatever’s going - until the last line of the song, when she suddenly averts her eyes from the audience, betraying in a flash her long-buried self-doubt. 

- Wall Street Journal

Petra, the all-seeing maid who favors an earthy, sensual life, is played not as the usual young gal in heat, but, by Brianna Borger, as a more mature woman who has turned a life of limited choices into a determination to thrust her sexuality to the fore and laugh at those who don't dare. Her rendition of "The Miller's Son" is much more knowing than most and quite a thrill to hear.  

- Chicago Tribune

Brianna Borger makes a lovely Anna - assertive, emotionally accessible, honest, all the good stuff - and does full justice to the Rodgers and Hammerstein score.

- Chicago Tribune


Mrs. Borger's stage presence is majestic and her voice is sensational.  

- Around Town Chicago


Brianna Borger steals the show with her portrayal of governess Anna Leonowens... Her Anna is imperious, dominating, patronizing, and deeply entrenched in her colonial British superiority. There are shades to this woman.

- Star Two

“Moments in the Woods” is far and away the best moment of [the production]... not least because Brianna Borger offers a beautifully sung performance that flows with heart and simplicity. 

- Chicago Tribune


Vividly emotional Brianna Borger is sublime.  

- Chicago Sun-Times


Writers Theatre

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